Peace, Love, Death & Chocolate

by m.e. law

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If I 04:25
If I - M.E. Law If I had a time machine - I'd travel to my past I'd be home for dinner those machines are fast I'd find myself and tell myself to live beyond all fear try to tell the truth and never be ashamed of tears! I'd be stronger, I'd be kinder More gentle and wise See situations - through another's eyes I'd pay more attention - learn how to flirt Erase all the pain of the loved ones I hurt! Chorus: If I could could it all again - my friend Oh what a life I'd lead! I'd see every angle and dangerous curve Know when to duck - know when to swerve If I could do it all again! Be more authentic - less phony and fake Ditch the mean guy sooner Give my head a shake Watch less television -take out the trash Wouldn't cause ripples -I'd make a big splash! (Chorus) Bridge: There'll be no time travel for this little soul I've got too much baggage to haul Besides you can't book online You pay extra to dine Though I hear my past is lovely in the fall Would I do it all? (Chorus) Tag: I think time travel might be fun Won't mess with the time continuum I don't know if I'd do it all again - don't know if I - would do it all again!
Keep This World - M.E. Law Hello stranger are we related? You seem so familiar to me Are you fragile - sometimes jaded A human being with a different history! Chorus: My sister my mother my father and my brother you believe in one thing I in another it doesn't matter we're all the same tribe Believe in each other and keep this world Alive Is your blood red - beneath your skin Have you two eyes a nose a mouth and chin? Hello stranger - who's so familiar We're not strangers anymore So I'll say it again! (Chorus) Bridge: There's no winning - there's no losing New beginning - of our choosing (Chorus)
Patch of Sun - M.E. Law You always got up early Before the sun would rise Hand me a fresh cup of coffee! As I rubbed sleep from my eyes! Then you'd find my favorite chair Drag it to a sunny place! That simple act of sweetness Felt like such a warm embrace! Chorus: And we'll always have that little patch of sun! You seemed to find it even on a cloudy day You often found the light when there was none! And we'll always - have that little patch of sun! Now your light is constant As the brightest living star! You guide my steps with purest light I won't say au revoir! (Chorus) Bridge: I wish that you could join me I know you have to go! I'll just sit here in the sun And drink my cuppa Joe - you know (Chorus)
Pure Energy 03:13
Pure Energy - M.E. Law I went out for a walk with my camera The shadows and light were at play The warmth of the sun was perfection! So began this wonderful day! Chorus: I'm pure energy - lovechild of chaos and serendipity I'm re-born - every single day Halfway home, now my work is play I'm free I am free - pure energy! I turned myself into a camera Photographed everything in my path! That made me one with my memory! I smiled, I sighed, then I laughed! (Chorus) Bridge: When my mind is resting - I'm manifesting A life of sweet simplicity! Uncomplicated, healthy not jaded! From now on it's all serenity! (Chorus)
Part Time Angel - M.E. Law Thought I'd polish up my halo - just the other night It was gettin' kinda dusty on the shelf! Well I'm a part time angel, with a slightly tainted soul Sometimes I can't seem to help myself! So I went to confession, the priest just kicked me out Said we don't want part time angels comin' round! Lord I'm far from perfect - you gave me this free will! Now's the perfect time to paint the town!! Chorus: Can't fight it, can't right it - got to go with the flow! Dance with the devil, in the fire down below! Well I'm no Pollyanna, but am I ever glad! That sometimes - it's good To be Bad!! So I found a preacher, by the riverside - said preacher man my halo's lost it's glow! He said don't pollute my river With your part time angel ways! Sure as hell you're headed down below! So I put my halo, back up on the shelf This part time angel's callin' it a day! The moon is shinin' brightly Midnight knows my name! It's beggin' me to come on out and play! (Chorus) Bridge: Come on shake that bootay, chase some whiskey with some wine Show that mean old world, you love havin' a good time! Love that wild woman, with lips all gypsy red! No more Mr. Nice Girl - she's home safe in bed! (Chorus)
Where is the Chocolate? - M.E. Law On this day in February - lovers hearts do sing shot with cupids arrow - we buy tons of cheesy bling! Make dinner reservations - rack up the credit card Oh when will we realize - it doesn't have to be so hard! I love the dozen roses - my darling Valentine Tickets to the opera - platinum earrings are divine! I know these gifts are special - given from the heart Now I feel frustrated and I've torn the house apart Looking for the one thing that really shows you care! Tells me you've been listening - oh won't you tell me where? Chorus: Is the chocolate - don't make me second guess I really want the chocolate - I've got chronic PMS don't deny the chocolate - it's my secret bliss! Just give me the Godiva - it's the chocolate that I miss! Chocolate is good for you - it elevates your mood I sing thy praises my dark friend - nature's perfect food The lingerie's exquisite - so's the pashmina shawl Please bring Russell Stover - to your next booty call! Chorus: Just tell me where is the chocolate - why must you torture me? I really want the chocolate! You selfish S.O.B.! How could you be so heartless? Thought I was your honey! Why'd you hide the chocolate? You're not the Easter Bunny! Bridge: Tell me that it's on it's way - you're having it delivered! Shove your shiny trinkets - chocolate makes me quiver! Chorus: Oh here's the chocolate - right here on the table you know I've got a problem! Why must you enable? F Fine I'll eat the chocolate It's going straight to my thighs! Forget the higher power! Go out and pick me up some fries! But first, hand me The chocolate
LIVE IN THE NOW - M.E. LAW So hard to be in the moment - aware of each ripple and shift So hard to stay in the moment - the present is always a gift Living each breath with compassion - loving yourself all the while If we can stay in the moment - we can stay out of denial! Chorus: Deep in the heart of the why and the how honor the past - live in the now Future's uncertain at best anyhow so why don't we - live in the now! So hard to be in the moment - every second your best be madly in love with the moment When you breath your very last breath! (Chorus) Bridge: Consumed with the past and the future think of all you have missed Let go of the past and the future For now is all that exists! (Chorus) Tag: so why don't we just - it will free us to live in the now - the now now not then, not when but now Live in the now!
Your Mouth (Is Bigger Than Your Brain) Mean words flow like bitter honey from the black hole in your face Somehow you form a sentence in that big old empty space There above your shoulders floats a vacant storage bin No connection to the canyon - between your nose and chin! Once while in the ocean you were shootin' off your mouth You were swimming North - that whale was swimming South Your tiny brain cound't comprehend what your giant mouth had done! You had heartburn for a decade - guess that whale won! ( Chorus: There's not too much grey matter in the warehouse that's your head You fired your synapses and your cerebellum fled Now you just get pleasure from causing others pain An anomaly -size of a pea - your mouth is bigger than your brain! I'd need a high powered microscope to see your frontal lobe There's not enought medulla for the aliens to probe When your lips are flappin' - they form a great abyss! You once formed a Cat-5 hurricane when you tried to blow a kiss! (Chorus) Bridge: Well you're a freak of nature - and nature can be cruel Not as cruel as you - you big mouthed pea brained fool! (Chorus)
Dancing on a Cloud - M.E. Law Skies were dark over London Passion ruled streets of the town Fueled by youth and innocence of soldiers And orchestras who had a swinging sound! They found each other there amid the chaos Fell in love half way through the second dance! In hellish times they had a piece of heaven! No longer strangers to romance! Chorus: They'd imagine they were dancing on a cloud Swaying to Glen Miller - far from the madding crowd They'd imagine they were dancing On a cloud On a cloud... She crossed the Atlantic a child in her arms In her tiny cabin she'd pray She'd close her eyes - see his sweet face! And hear the orchestra play! (Chorus) The war was over and bombs ceased to fall There were still many battles to fight! Through it all they kept right on dancing! Every Saturday night! Bridge: They'd twirl, whirl, tango and waltz Loved each other madly in spite of their faults Dreamy dancehalls surround you The band's not too loud! They'd imagine They were dancing! On a cloud, on a cloud, on a cloud...
We'll Be One 03:11
We'll be One - M.E. Law The world's population - grows by leaps and bounds! Soon we may start to worry if there'll be enough to go around! There'll be 10 billion people, by mid-century If we don't learn to co-exist - we may cease to be! Chorus: Black or white, brown or beige, we all are born and then we age Man and woman celebrate - celebrate the end of hate And we will be one - not two or three - one happy family and we'll be one - not two or three -one happy family! Some say my god can beat up your god - god must surely laugh There are many roads to take you home They lead to the same path! (Chorus) Bridge: When we look in the mirror - our reflections aren't the same But we all suffer doubt and fear! Feel joy, bliss and pain (Chorus)


released November 30, 2013


all rights reserved



m.e. law San Diego, California

Canadian songwriter, singer, mutli-instrumentalist, based out of San Diego, California, has performed internationally. Her music credits range from reality tv to a George Romero zombie film.

Looking for folky, bluesy, witty, powerful lyrics, unique, amazing voice and range? Pop, ballad, soul, country, blues, even a bit of a Latin vibe. Romance, tragedy, comedy - its all here.
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